AI Derisked: Harnessing the Power of AI the Right Way

AI is very powerful, but it is equally risky. Companies have been using artificial intelligence to try to create highly innovative products and services, some of which resulted in public and embarrassing failures.

In this webinar we will provide unique insights into how to deal with AI challenges, testing AI and eliminating the risks artificial intelligence introduces.


Qualitest’s AI webinar will discuss:

  • What challenges does AI present?

  • What are the four main risk factors?

  • How can we unlock the AI potential?

  • How can we eliminate risk?

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Ron R. profile photo

Ron Ritter - Head of AI Solutions at Qualitest

Ron, former CEO of AlgoTrace, is an expert in machine learning, BI and statistical analysis with vast experience and an M.A in Statistics. Qualitest acquired AlgoTrace in December 2019 in order to radically expand its AI-powered testing solutions.

Prior to starting his company, Ron led machine learning teams and products for international companies like Motorola and Incredimail (now: Perion) and Plarium. He focuses on product creation, team management, and R programming. His approach to data analysis focused on completing ML circle concept: planning the infrastructure, tools implementation, creating reports/KPIs and analysis based upon data outcomes.

About Qualitest  

Qualitest is the world's largest independent, pure-play quality assurance company. We enable every client and every brand to navigate an ever-changing world by delivering smarter quality assurance and testing solutions to meet their precise technology needs -- mitigated of risk, exceptional to use and ready to perform. Quality assurance is at the core of our business and everything that we do. Our team of focused specialists provides a broad service offering that goes beyond functional testing to encompass automation, reliability, usability, AI, and other innovations.