Webinar: Ensuring

Successful OPNFV-based NFV Deployments

QualiTest and QualiSystems team up to bring you an overview of OPNFV-based NFV Deployments. address the functional, quality and performance characteristics for NFV deployments.  Difficulty derives from the specifications, since NFV requires a much higher degree of automation than physical network function appliances - which could be assembled into testbeds and tested manually.  Unlike those physical testbeds, the NFV lab is entirely software-driven, meaning that lab orchestration is required to assemble the underlying NFV infrastructure and VNF service chains, and virtualized and physical test devices into test topologies.

This webinar addresses the following:

  • The fundamentals and capabilities of the carrier-grade, integrated platform
  • How to anticipate and solve NFV testing challenges
  • Seeing an automated NFV test environment as a service

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