Webinar: How to get localization and testing 
for medical devices done right

Medical Device localization depends on complex testing and translation services. MDD manufacturers prefer to concentrate on their core competencies, and look to outside specialists who provide specialized services to their industry. QualiTest’s medical and healthcare systems expertise along with Net-Translator’s multilingual testing services and translation core strengths, make it smooth and seamless for companies to concentrate on developing while experts localize and test their products.

This webinar discusses the challenges faced when working with localized medical products, some lessons learned and how our solutions can provide inline accelerators to enable you to deliver quality software and products.

This webinar addresses the following:

  • Best practices and pointers
  • Efficient Management and maintenance of Clinical and Patient Test Data
  • Localization infrastructure and translation management
  • Helping you to analyze your testing and localization solutions to detect your omissions and improve your overall strategy

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Nausheen Sayed, VP of US-UK Knowledge and Innovation – QualiTest

Nausheen, a B.E. in Computer Science, practiced as a freelance developer before joining QualiTest in 2013. She rapidly moved from being a QA Analyst to project lead to the Service Delivery Manager. She managed many projects from MTS engagements to staffing augmentation, from automation to performance, from the medical healthcare domain to CRM systems. Currently she is leading QualiTest US-UK’s Knowledge and Innovation Initiative creating a global knowledge center, research and development and to help with any training needed to become a successful QualiTester. She describes herself as artistic, detailed, fun, a food lover, runner and someone who loves meeting new people and visiting new places.

David Sommer, Director of Strategic Operations – Net-Translators

David Sommer serves as Director of Strategic Operations, responsible for driving key company initiatives in process improvement, quality, and cost reduction. Previously, Mr. Sommer held the position of Senior Localization Project Manager. He joined the company in 2004. Prior to Net-Translators, Mr. Sommer was the Marketing and Sales Manager at the Software Testing Labs of the Standards Institution of Israel. There he drove sales, participated in efforts to bring standardization to software via testing and managed the sales of the Calibration Center.