Webinar: How to test and deliver resilient, functional and secure APIs

Increasingly, companies are using APIs to make their services available to their customers and building software on micro-services principles. As the amount of our software leveraging APIs increases, so do our needs for testing them. As pressure mounts to deliver better APIs faster and cheaper, QualiTest and SmartBear review how we test to ensure teams continue to build resilient, functional and secure APIs every day. Daniel Geater of QualiTest Group and Harsh Upreti of SmartBear hosted this webinar.

This webinar addresses the following:

  • How API testing has changed
  • The need to explore more than just functional testing of APIs for performance and security
  • The difference between API virtualization and service virtualization
  • Decoupling from 3rd party systems using virtual APIs
  • Shifting API testing left for CI and DevOps models

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Daniel Geater  – QualiTest

Daniel Geater is a senior automation and performance consultant for QualiTest. He has worked in software development and testing for over 7 years, working all the way through the software stack and on various tools from code-heavy solutions using tools like Selenium and Appium through to GUI-driven testing tools like the eggPlant suite. He has managed delivery of crowd-sourced testing of projects for a range of UK/EMEA clients across. He also liaises with clients, assists with pre-sales technical and process queries and demonstrations, and works with agile, Scrum and exploratory testing.


Harsh Upreti –  SmartBear

Harsh Upreti is Product Marketing Manager, API at SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for teams. He has more than 9 years of experience working with software development and has been involved with programming and development of enterprise and VoIP (Voice Over IP) applications for more than 7 years. Harsh is passionate about emerging trends like APIs, Artificial Intelligence and the evolving integrations through APIs and studying the impact of these on the overall technology market and landscape. He recently received his MBA from the University of Maryland – Robert H. Smith School of Business. He has served Google, BroadSoft, GlobalLogic and Wipro Infotech in a variety of roles.