Webinar: Software Testing Trends for the Retail Industry

55% of online shoppers encounter multiple purchase or billing problems, causing most of them to doubt the retailer’s legitimacy.

Online presence is now as important as a physical store, and for some the online store is their only sales channel. As customers seek a sophisticated shopping experience, ‘offering seamless customer experience’ across all available retail channels – Web, mobile devices, brick-and-mortar stores, email, etc. – has taken the center stage. Retail industries face many challenges related to ongoing changing market trends, customer demand, and market globalization.

When it’s all about transformation and swift change, retail systems and applications become business critical. With little margin for error, retail needs experienced partners who can perform unbiased testing and IT QA in a brave new omni channel world. Mike Hershkovitz of QualiTest Group and Damien Walsh of SmartBear cover what can be done to mitigate these risks.

This webinar covered the following:

  • Our Retail survey results
  • Retail components (POS, OMS, eComm, omni channel, etc.)
  • Risks common to Retail related to those components
  • Ways to mitigate those risks

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Mike Hershkovitz (US Business Manager – West Coast) – QualiTest

Mike is a business development & sales professional with more than 15 years of experience, specializing in marketing, planning and executing business strategies across a variety of industries. He is skilled at developing new market channels and building strong relationships with C-levels, sales managers, customers and industry leaders. Proven record of market share growth, new product and service introductions, outstanding team leadership and strong international business skills.

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Damien Walsh (Technical Sales Engineer – Team Lead) – SmartBear

Damien has more than 15 years of experience in IT. He has worked in a number of roles including technical support, technical consulting and architect. Damien also has extensive knowledge of delivery of software projects, especially during the testing lifecycle in a wide diversity of industry sectors and clients during his career. He is the lead Technical Sales Engineer (SME) for SmartBear’s test management and test automation tools portfolio in EMEA. He has worked with many clients and Alliance Partners to enable them to implement SmartBear products efficiently and deliver business benefits quickly.