Webinar: Testing for a Great App 
and Web Experience

While Functionality, Security and Performance Testing are important to ensuring web and mobile quality, User Experience (Ux) Testing. An app must solve a problem for the user easily. Positive Ux and accessibility distinguish an outstanding app from a merely acceptable one.

How do you guarantee a great user experience? We address User Focused Testing best practices in the web and mobile domains. Discover how Ux Testing and Crowd Testing helped the Racing Post improve their digital experience, and learn how to leverage Managed Crowd Testing to guarantee predictable Ux, mitigate device fragmentation and achieve app quality through Ux Feedback.

This webinar addresses the following:

  • Ux Testing best practices
  • Advice on how to best leverage Managed Crowd Testing
  • The importance of establishing more than just functionality value for the user
  • Compatibility issues and how to overcome them

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