QA Optimization: Scientifically Optimize Your Processes with AI


Optimizing your QA processes can require many different tools and solutions, but one of the most effective options at our disposal is AI. With the use of AI we can better test processes, identify the next area for improvement, and make sure your organization is able to focus on what matters most, quickly and cost-effectively.  

This webinar will provide you with practical steps to consider in order to make your QA organization more intelligent and efficient. We will discuss: 

  • How to tackle perceived vs. actual challenges.
  • Quality engineering survey results.
  • How to handle the gap between perception and reality.
  • How AI can drive next generation test assessment and maturity models.

Join Aviram Shotten (Chief Solution Engineering Officer), Daniel Geater (VP AI Delivery) and Michael Giacometti (AVP Solution Architect), to learn how to harness AI to optimize your QA processes, improve efficiency and speed, and prepare your business for digital transformation.


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Aviram Shotten – Chief Solution Engineering Officer, Qualitest




Daniel Geater

Daniel Geater – VP AI Delivery, Qualitest

Daniel has been working in software development and quality assurance for over 10 years and currently leads delivery of our AI-powered Qualisense projects. He has an MSci in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence alongside deep experience in open-source and commercial development and testing in a variety of methodologies and delivery styles. He has managed the delivery of projects for a range of clients across US, UK & EMEA. He liaises with clients at all levels from engineering to executives, providing tooling, technique & process consultancy and solution architecture to some of software’s most challenging problems across industries



Michael Giacometti – AVP Solution Architect, Qualitest

Michael is an industry-recognized QA expert with over 20 years’ experience in quality assurance, automation, and consulting. He was a co-founder of Class I.Q., which eventually merged with Greenhat which was acquired by IBM. He has worked at best of breed QA companies such as Mercury Interactive and Eggplant, where he designed and advocated the best practices for automation and test management. He led several large-scale QA transformations while working at within the Fortune 100. He continually publishes thought leadership on the future of Quality Assurance.


About Qualitest:  

Qualitest is the world's largest independent, pure-play quality assurance company. We enable every client and every brand to navigate an ever-changing world by delivering smarter quality assurance and testing solutions to meet their precise technology needs -- mitigated of risk, exceptional to use and ready to perform. Quality assurance is at the core of our business and everything that we do. Our team of focused specialists provides a broad service offering that goes beyond functional testing to encompass automation, reliability, usability, AI, and other innovations.