Cyber Security Webinar

Shift Left: How to Get Cyber Security Right

Cyber risks to your data and systems keep increasing. Your company's defense needs proactive management, planning, designs and digital solutions. Protection means automated testing and proactive application security to mitigate corporate concerns, changing risk pressures into security confidence, and improving both safety and productivity.

Our cyber webinar will also cover shift-left SDLC, future threats, and authentication. 
In this webinar, you can expect to learn about:

  • Secure SDLC Integration - Shift Left (Proactive, not Reactive): Work with Development teams to integrate security early in the dev cycles. Reduce re-work costs. Improved security and time to market. Reduced risk. SDLC Programs.

  • Threat Intelligence Development - Evaluation of threats on the horizon and identification of threat patterns BEFORE they happen or are identified by the classic SIEM tools in a SOC. This could be through monitoring and evaluation of open sources and/or through the use of Data Analytics to compare those patterns against existing data in the customer networks or logs.

  • Stronger Authentication while reducing impact to convenience and usability

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Jeffrey Wheat - Global Director of Cyber Operations at QualiTest Group

Jeffrey’s background includes technical and systems engineering in Big Data architectures, large scale multi-million dollar project management, Big Data analysis, cyber analysis, network architecture, network security, wireless technologies, GDPR for EU and US firms, telecom and software development and deployment. Jeffrey also has extensive and recent experience in IBM platforms (QRadar, Netezza, Connections, IBM Content Analytics, Cognos) and several Big Data certifications. His Senior Engineering Consultant DoD/national security roles have included requirements generation relative to DoD policy, insider threats, information security and assurance as well as compliance policy plan development and roll out, and business development and proposal generation in both commercial and government sectors.


Jeff Schmidt - President and CEO of Authomate

Before Authomate, Jeff was the COO of SQS North America. He has been at the center of innovative technology leadership throughout his career and has a passion for security solutions. In his work at British Telecom, he led the development of “visual analytics” for intrusion detection, and the early adoption of managed cloud-based security solutions, aimed at enabling enterprises in the 21st century for the mobile and cloud-connected enterprise. Jeff notes, “The fundamental capabilities of Authomate are, at their core, game changing. Authomate is enhancing the user experience through simplified access, while also providing greater assurance that what is most critical to the user is secure.”